A Fairytale DIY Backyard Wedding…Part 1

When Sarah got engaged and was planning her wedding, she knew exactly what she wanted. Sarah’s mom is one of my closest friends and she has spent nights in a tent, camping in my backyard.  Sarah remembers saying that she always wanted to get married here and when she got engaged and asked, of course I said yes!

Sarah is not your average 25 year old.  She is very aware of her footprint on this earth and embraces a greener lifestyle.  We share the same lifestyle beliefs and with my love for diy, I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding, a wedding that every detail would reflect the couples beliefs and lifestyle.  Sarah is a vegetarian, as well as many guests attending, and has a very feminine taste in decorating, and her husband is a plaid shirt kind of guy whose only request was a s’more bar and a specialty beer.



First Look


Sarah getting ready with the help of her sister and Matron of Honor, Christina.


Ryne, waiting for Sarah.



The Greeting


The guests were greeted with a beverage as they arrived and invited to sign the guest book.


The guestbook was a frosted bottle with lights, signed with different colored sharpie pens.


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A vintage suitcase lined with fabric and decorated with bunting and pearls was used for cards.


The guest were given a  “The Perfect Blend” tea bag in handmade envelopes.



Coming next……..A Fairytale DIY Backyard Wedding…Part 2